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Integrated Software Technology
for R&D, Laboratory, Quality areas

A family of solutions in
a single modular platform

AYAMA is a family of software products for integrated management of Laboratory, Quality and R&D activities.

One platform. Multiple software solutions.
The modularity of AYAMA makes it easy to meet the needs of your Company in terms of system scalability.

The application can be accessed wherever you are via simple and intuitive interfaces, thanks to the entirely web-based technology.

You can configure user profiles and related permissions, create workflows to manage processes.

The AYAMA mobile APPs, available as a support, simplify the daily work of operators and speed up the flow of data.
And much more. Continue reading and find out how we can help you.

Optimisation of operations

Manage the relevant processes with specialised software

Structured and shared databases

Ensure data uniqueness between offices, divisions and factories

Transform data into information

Analyse processed data for evaluation. Anticipate problems with predictive analysis

Configuration of internal workflows

Configure workflow when certain situations occur

Entirely web-based

Cloud-based use

Available mobile APPs
with real-time data

Scalable and configurable


Multi-Site and

AYAMA is also ...

  • Accessibility wherever you are. Even in the event of on-premises usage, the system can be accessed no matter where you are thanks to web-based technology

  • Secure and structured sharing of data and collaboration processes

  • Flexibility to meet your needs

Would you like a demo?

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Transform data into information

Collect - Transform - Interpret - Manage

Industry 4.0 and IoT with AYAMA

Learn how our customers use AYAMA in their IoT and Industry 4.0 projects

People at the centre. Technology to support you.

Ayama Academy

In the Academy learning environment, we develop the skills of internal collaborators, we train customers and technical partners, and we periodically update those who work every day in the Laboratory-Quality-R&D areas.

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